AIE - Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia


Methodological considerations for designing pharmacoepidemiology studies in the COVID-19 era


The global COVID-19 pandemic has generated enormous morbidity and mortality, as well as large health system disruptions including changes in use of prescription medications, outpatient encounters, emergency department admissions, and hospitalizations. These pandemic-related disruptions are reflected in real-world data derived from electronic medical records, administrative claims, disease or medication registries, and mobile devices. This webinar will discuss how pandemic-related disrup...

NorPEN 16th Annual meeting

Dal 18 al 20 novembre 2024 si terrà il prossimo congresso della NorPEC (Nordic PharmacoEpidemiological Network), presso l'Università di Copenhagen. Il tema del Congresso sarà Intelligenza artificiale in farmacoepidemiologia per i paesi nordici. Per maggiori informazioni visita il link.  ...